Welcome to the NOTIFY Library site where experts from across the globe collaborate to share didactic information on documented adverse outcomes associated with the application of human organs, blood, tissues and cells. We aim to support continued improvements in safety and efficacy in transplantation, transfusion and assisted reproduction. The data presented on the Notify Library site should be seen in the context of impressive success stories in transplantation and assisted reproduction across the world.

  • ECDC makes an updated risk quantification tool available

    An updated version of the EUFRAT tool for the quantification of the risk of infection transmission by blood transfusion (version 2.2.31) is now available from the ECDC website at http://eufrattool.ecdc.europa.eu/. The tool comes with an integrated user manual, worked out examples and an introductory slide set.

  • Probable transmission of malignant melanoma

    Medical Advisory Board Alert for the Eye Bank Association of America: Probable transmission of malignant melanoma


    Thanks to the Eye Bank Association of America for sharing some important vigilance information with Notify Library users

  • Recommendations regarding Zika Virus epidemic

    Recommendations regarding Zika Virus epidemic and MPHO safety are available on the WHO APP (ANDROID ; IOS). General information on synptoms, diagnosis, transmission and suggestion for travellers visiting Zika affected countries are collected together with technical guidance for the health care workers.

    Further recommendations from other competent authorities and scienfic societies are available on this link: BACKGROUND DOCUMENTS - ZIKA VIRUS DISEASE EPIDEMIC


  • World Blood Donor Day 2016: Blood connects us all

    Every year, on 14 June, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day. The 2016 campaign underline the strong connection between blood donors and patients. Voluntary unpaid blood donors are always thanked for their life-saving gifts of blood and to raise awareness of the need for regular blood donations to ensure quality, safety and availability of blood and blood products for patients in need. The 2016 edition of the World Blood Donor Day will be celebrated in Amsterdam and hosted by the national blood supply organization, Sanquin.

  • The Notify Library wants to improve!

    The Notify Library wants to improve! Starting from today, all Notify Library users (whether anonymous or registered on our forums) are invited to evaluate the usefulness of the searches they have carried out. By answering 3 SIMPLE QUESTIONS, Notify Library users will provide essential information that will help us to improve the nature of the information submitted to the Library by professionals and regulators worldwide and the ease of access to that information by those who need it.

    Please dedicate a very small amount of your time to help us to make this tool a real instrument for enhancing donor and patient safety globally!

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