Welcome to the NOTIFY Library site where experts from across the globe collaborate to share didactic information on documented adverse outcomes associated with the application of human organs, blood, tissues and cells. We aim to support continued improvements in safety and efficacy in transplantation, transfusion and assisted reproduction. The data presented on the Notify Library site should be seen in the context of impressive success stories in transplantation and assisted reproduction across the world.

  • Vigilance and Inspection for the Safety of Transfusion, Assisted Reproduction and Transplantation, VISTART

    A new Joint Action VISTART (GA 676969) leaded by the Italian National Tranplant and Blood Centres and co-funded by EU Health Programme (2014-2020) aims to promote and facilitate harmonisation of inspection, authorisation and vigilance systems for blood, tissues and cells.The WP5 will focus on increasing the involvement of European Competent Authorities in the use of the Notify Library to increment the sharing of vigilance and clinical outcome information between MS to achieve higher standards of quality and safety.

  • Strategy for the NOTIFY project as a global V&S supporting system, December 1st-2nd, 2015, Bologna (Italy)

    NOTIFY experts meet in Bologna to share with the six WHO Regions the aims and challenges of the Notify Project in order to develop V&S systems worldwide building a global network to prevent, detect and register any adverse event related with the use of MPHO and define strategy, roadmap and workplan of the Notify Project as a main part of the WHO initiative on MPHO. WHO Regional Office Advisers will present the current situation of V&S in their areas and elaborate the agenda for regional consultations.

  • BAA Conference and Annual General Meeting, October 21-23, 2015, Brisbane (Australia)

    The Biotherapeutics Association of Australasia (BAA) is a key body representing cellular therapy and tissue bankers in Australia and New Zealand. During its next meeting, a lecture on vigilance systems and adverse occurrences will be presented. Real case discussions will take place among participants and Notify Library will be used as a didactic tool.

  • The Notify Library wants to improve!

    The Notify Library wants to improve! Starting from today, all Notify Library users (whether anonymous or registered on our forums) are invited to evaluate the usefulness of the searches they have carried out. By answering 3 SIMPLE QUESTIONS, Notify Library users will provide essential information that will help us to improve the nature of the information submitted to the Library by professionals and regulators worldwide and the ease of access to that information by those who need it.

    Please dedicate a very small amount of your time to help us to make this tool a real instrument for enhancing donor and patient safety globally!

  • World Health Assembly Executive Board Acknowledges Exceptional Nature of MPHO


    At the 136th meeting of the WHA Executive Board (EB) in January 2015, a proposal from Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Slovenia and Spain to work towards consensus on the principles for the donation and management of blood and other Medical Products of Human Origin (MPHO) was DOCUMENTED. The discussion was based on a REPORT submitted to the EB for possible future consideration by the full WHA. This important initiative raises the acknowledgement of the exceptional nature of MPHO

The NOTIFY search engine is accessible without username and password.

The database is continually updated and currently new cases are being collected and submitted to editorial working groups in order to increase the database content and scope. Following the last WHO Consultation meeting in Brasìlia in December 2013, new international experts were asked to collaborate in the existing editorial working groups,including a new group of hemovigilance experts for the incorporation of Transfusion Reactions in the database.