Welcome to the NOTIFY Library site where experts from across the globe collaborate to share didactic information on documented adverse outcomes associated with the clinical use of human organs, blood, tissues and cells. The data presented on the Notify Library site should be seen in the context of impressive success stories in transplantation, transfusion and assisted reproduction across the world.

  • Notify project and VISTART collaboration

    Next October 1 and 2 in Budapest the Notify team will present the work done in three years of collaboration with VISTART joint action (Vigilance and inspection for the safety of transfusion assisted reproduction and transplantation) that had the aim to increase the involvement of EU Competent Authorities in the Notify Library and establish an EU network of vigilance to provide inter-MS support and enhance vigilance communication.


  • APASTB2018

    The 17th International Conference of Asia Pacific Association of Surgical Tissue Banks (APASTB2018) will take place in Selangor (Malaysia) next August 27-30. This will be the third time Malaysia is hosting the largest bi-annual meeting of Asia Pacific Association of Surgical Tissue Banks. The theme 2018 APASTB conference is: Spearheading the Applications of Cells, Tissues and Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine. The theme expresses how multidisciplinary approaches of these fields have immense opportunities to restore, maintain or improve human health.

  • Global Alliance of Eye Bank associations, the Barcelona Principles

    The Barcelona Principles - an Agreement on the use of human donated tissue for ocular transplantation, research, and future technologies have been signed last June 14th 2018 in the presence of Alba Verges i Bosch, Calalonian Minister of Health, Dr Jose Nunez, WHO Medical Products of Human Origin Service Delivery and Safety Department, and Dr Paul Dubord Ophthalmologist and WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Human Cell, Tissue and Organ Transplantation.

  • Blood and Safety

    A new ESTM training course (European School of Transfusion Medicine) will take place in Barcelona, Spain next November 23-25, 2018; The aim of this workshop is to brainstorm on the management of Transfusion-transmitted infectious diseases and blood safety.

  • 2018 International Hemovigilance Seminar

    The 18th HIS seminar offers an opportunity to meet others involved in hemovigilance, to benefit from high-quality speakers, technical and scientific discussions as well as to network and exchange experiences. The seminar will be held on July 10 and  11 2018, at The Lowry Theatre in Manchester, UK. The seminar will be organised in collaboration with SHOT (Serious Hazards of Transfusion) and the Irish Blood Transfusion Society (IBTS). The seminar will be followed by the Annual SHOT Symposium, at the same venue, on Thursday 12 July. 


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The database is continually updated and currently new cases are being collected and submitted to editorial working groups in order to increase the database content and scope.