Sinus Tachycardia, platelets

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Sinus tachycardia: 1.8%. Other adverse events accompanied sinus tachycardia: fever (87%), allergic or hypersensitivity (9%), rigors or chills (9%), dyspnea (7%), hypertension (7%), hypoxia (7%), hypotension (5%).
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Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events used
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2 Probable
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Kaufman, R.M., Assmann, S.F., Triulzi, D.J., Strauss, R.G., Ness, P., Granger, S. and Slichter, S.J. (2015). Transfusion-related adverse events in the Platelet Dose study. Transfusion 55(1):144-153; Transfusion 54:1927-1934.