Update: allograft-associated bacterial infections--United States, 2002.

TitleUpdate: allograft-associated bacterial infections--United States, 2002.
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Year of Publication2002
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Tissue allografts are commonly used in orthopedic surgical procedures; in 1999, approximately 650,000 musculoskeletal allografts were distributed by tissue processors (1). A rare complication of musculoskeletal allografts is bacterial infection (2,3). After the reported death of a recipient of an allograft contaminated with Clostridium spp. (an anaerobic spore and toxin-forming organism) (3), CDC investigated this case and solicited additional reports of allograft-associated infections; 26 cases have been identified. This report summarizes the investigation of these cases and describes additional steps given to a tissue processor to enhance tissue transplant safety.

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