Plateletpheresis-associated lymphopenia in frequent platelet donors

TitlePlateletpheresis-associated lymphopenia in frequent platelet donors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsGansner JM, Rahmani M, Jonsson AH, Fortin BM, Brimah I, Ellis M, Smeland-Wagman R, Li ZJ, Schenkel JM, Brenner MB, Yefidoff-Freedman R, Sloan SR, Berliner N, Issa NC, Baden LR, Longo DL, Wesemann DR, Neuberg D, Rao DA, Kaufman RM
Date PublishedFeb

More than 1 million apheresis platelet collections are performed annually in the United States. After 2 healthy plateletpheresis donors were incidentally found to have low CD4+ T-lymphocyte counts, we investigated whether plateletpheresis causes lymphopenia. We conducted a cross-sectional single-center study of platelet donors undergoing plateletpheresis with the Trima Accel, which removes leukocytes continuously with its leukoreduction system chamber. We recruited 3 groups of platelet donors based on the total number of plateletpheresis sessions in the prior 365 days: 1 or 2, 3 to 19, or 20 to 24. CD4+ T-lymphocyte counts were

Alternate JournalBlood
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